The Cobra BTC Express is a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) equipment used as a delay and denial technology solution for force protection.

  • Recoverable and redeploys – It deploys 900 times faster compared to traditional installation methods. The Cobra BTC Express deploys approximately 600 feet in 2 minutes and recoverable in 20 minutes.
  • Cost – Multiple redeployments reduce costs. After the fourth deployment, costs are reduced to 10% compared to traditional methods.
  • Description – 80×64 BTC Express triple strand is a rapid deployment barrier that deploys 3 BTC (Barbed Tape Concertina) barriers with dimensions totaling 0″ high, 64″ wide, and 600′ in length for a unit of 1800 coil loops. The Barbed Tape Concertina consists of 3 coils of attached single-strand spring-steel line wire, fitted with barbed tape to form a pyramid shape. The overlapping of the two base coils creates an impassible barrier and provides support for the top coil. The coils measure 36″, 36″, and 46″ in diameter, and are connected by steel clips so as to form 3 cylindrical diamond patterns and one vertical elliptical barrier when extended to a length of 600′. The unit is loaded on a magazine which in turn is loaded onto a deployment vehicle to deploy the 600′ barrier in 2 to  minutes. This barrier can be recovered in 17 to 25 minutes. The magazine loaded with the barrier is compatible with the 463L military pallet and the deployment vehicle (Cobra Lift-Tow 463L/Amaz-N-Tow 463L).


Single coil, wire-reinforced, short barb.


Galvanized (G).

Reinforcing Wire

Galvanized (G).