• long-barb

    Double Coil Concertina

    Double coil concertina is for medium security applications (correctional facilities, etc).

  • single-coil-retainer-barb

    Single Coil Retainer Barb

    Single coil retainer barb is for maximum security applications (nuclear power plants, correctional facilities, etc).

  • concertina

    Single Coil Concertina

    Single Coil Concertina is barbed tape for minimum to medium security applications (airports, minimum security correctional facilities, etc).

  • helical-barbed-tape

    Helical Barbed Tape

    Helical Barbed Tape is for minimum security applications (manufacturing, construction sites, etc).

  • btc-express

    BTC Express

    BTC Express is a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) equipment used as a delay and denial technology for force protection.